The Universe Welcomes You

Welcome Dear, Divine Souls of Planet Earth,

You are poised now at the beginning of a magnificent period here on Planet Earth.  There is a spiritual awakening in progress.  The Loving Universe is here as your Divine Guide so that you can begin to understand what is going on.  There has been much confusion on Planet Earth in recent years as to what is happening on a spiritual level. As your direct link with Prime Creator, this site is here to explain to you what is happening, how it is affecting your lives, and what you can do to help the changes proceed safely and easily for you.


The Shift and The Ascension

The Shift  that is happening on Planet Earth is about your shift, from outer to inner realization.  The Ascension Process is about you raising your frequencies … so that you can live a greater, more beautiful and satisfying life.  The Loving Universe is here to help you understand why this is happening, and how you can best benefit by cooperating with the process. To assist you in this process The Loving Universe is gifting you with a beautiful set of Healing Binaural Frequencies that appear on this site.  They are to help you feel better and to lift your consciousness level.


Why This Time Is So Important

These are very significant times. The old Cosmic Cycle ended on December 21 2012. It was the end of a long, tiring era … the end of the old, limiting ways. You should be grateful that it has passed. Now, at the beginning of the new Cosmic Cycle, you are already in a preparatory period for the new era. You may begin to notice some energy changes happening on Earth. Time is accelerating. You are receiving new informational content downloads. This may be interfering somewhat with your normal energy flow. You may be more tired. You may need more sleep. You may feel lethargic or sad. I intend to share with you more of what these changes are … and how you can best flow with these changes. In the long run, they are definitely to your benefit.


Stay in Contact With Me

This is a Fifth Dimensional Site.  It is built with Fifth Dimensional energy. It should help you feel serene and raise your vibration. You are invited to visit it often. Through this site, The Loving Universe has established a VOICE so that Spirit can communicate with you directly as these changes proceed. Spirit wants to help clarify things for you. Its Presence is here to help guide you through The Shift that is already underway. It is also here to assist you through The Ascension Process, and through your entry into the The Fifth Dimension, the dimension of the Loving Heart.  This awakening process will enrich your existence significantly. You will have the opportunity to Know and to Learn from The Loving Universe as a Gentle, Caring, Insightful, Wise and Loving BEING. Mankind has been trapped in an earth dream for many eons. Some of it has been very unpleasant.  But you are growing past that now.


Welcome to The New Cosmic Cycle
The New Cosmic Cycle has now been in play since December 22, 2012. Many of the parameters of your spiritual existence have changed.  In the new dimension where you are headed, you will be rising to a greater purity and inner joy.  Love with be the air in which you breathe.  You will be safe.  You will be free.  You will be prosperous and healthy in a way that you have known before, many eons ago. This is the Ascension process.  It has been happening slowly for the past several decades.  It now beginning to gain significant momentum. You have nothing but wonderful times ahead of you. Let us enjoy this together and share the joy of this magnificent journey. The Loving Universe welcomes you.

                                                                             The Loving Universe


Please note: This is a spiritual, not a religious, site. There is no religious material on this site. The Loving Universe invites you to enter with Peace & Love.