Some Background Information

The Loving Universe has been created at Source’s request to allow for a way to explain some of the changes that are beginning to take place on Planet Earth.  We are beginning to experience The Shift which began on December 21, 2012. The Shift is part of the Ascension process which has been steadily accelerating during the past several years.  In truth, we are all being lifted higher spiritually. This is happening because The Universe is calling us to a higher dimension … and we have to refine ourselves to prepare for this transition.

Spiritual, Not Religious

The Loving Universe site is oriented to more of an overview of the process. Nothing on this site is religious … the content is spiritual in nature. It is not meant to conflict with anyone’s religious beliefs. In every instance … it is based on the preference of Love. The spiritual essence of this site is of a Universe of Love and Understanding … that does not judge nor punish.  It is a Universe that wants the best for everyone in their own individual way.

Rising Above Dualism

The Loving Universe brings an awareness of The Shift, which means a shift away from Dualism.  Mankind has been victimized by the concept of Dualism for a very long Cosmic Cycle.  Dualism is the belief in Good and Evil.  In the Truth of the Universe, there is only Love.  Evil is an illusion that in time will cease to exist. Evil does not exist in the Higher Dimensions. As The Shift occurs, the world will evolve to a higher frequency. In time, the truth of Oneness will replace the old mis-creations of Dualism and separation.

The Person Behind This Website

This channel and scribe for these Messages is a psychologist, 70 years old.  He has been married to his wife and best friend for over 42 years.  He has two daughters, several grandchildren, and has been a spiritual teacher for nearly 30 years. He is a biofeedback / neurofeedback specialist who helps people to heal themselves naturally. He is known for his advanced work with frequencies. He has been doing this type of channeling work for over 15 years.  He took down other spiritual messages from the universe in 1997, which were published as a book in 2001.   He has been taking down the current group of messages from The Universe since shortly after the start of the new Cosmic Cycle, which began in December, 2012.