The Ascension … The Washington Shutdown & Government Impasse

Most souls living on earth are simply not aware of the Ascension process, the Shift, or the New Cosmic Cycle.

These new processes are primarily of interest to more enlightened souls … who look at life from a more spiritual point of view. It takes a more advanced soul to care about, and maintain an overview of what is happening on a more cosmic level. Most of the visitors to our website run a very high consciousness number – more about that soon.

The changes relating to the New Cosmic Cycle are huge. Most humans would not begin to fathom that the downward pull of dualism (good vs. evil)  is in decline.  And often, when there is an energy change like this, there is often a counter-reaction that some would refer to as a “last hurrah.”

Those who live by disagreement, fighting, aggression … cannot fathom a world where everyone would live by peace and understanding. To them, this would only be a fairy tale… and perhaps a very unpleasant way for them to live.

Yet, what is actually in the offing is a world that will abide by the laws of love, of peace, of understanding and kindness.  This is a huge shift.  And it already happening … quietly and peacefully.

Of course there is an underlying subconscious reaction to  and a resistance against  the “loss” of dualism, evil, aggression, war, guns. Many are reacting … even though these changes have not been publicly proclaimed.  Souls have underlying intuition… and they often react to subtle, underlying changes unconsciously.

There are old, primitive, unenlightened values that are behind the process of the US government shut down, behind the intense struggles in the Middle East this past year, behind a possible US financial default … these are all old elements that are desperately trying to keep the old energies alive.  The level of bickering and disagreement is perhaps at an all time high.  These actions are to be expected when things are in a major shift mode.

For us, as enlightened souls, it is better for us to watch all of these unpleasant proceedings with a sense of detachment.  It is acceptable for us to watch what is happening … with a silent wonder … a gratitude … that these old, tired energies are beginning to depart from the earth.  There is no need for you to rile yourself up, to feel anxiety or worry … about these events. View them peacefully … and from a distance. Try not to buy into the fear.

The Hawkins Scale of Human Consciousness was established by Dr. David Hawkins, MD, a psychiatrist, who specialized in mapping the levels of human consciousness.  His scale runs from 1 to 1000.  The average soul on planet earth has been stuck around the number 185, or below, for millenniums. Only recently has the average soul been able to rise above 185 … closer to the 200 level.  Souls stuck at this lower number see the world very differently than you and I.

The emotions experienced by humans at the lower end of the spectrum include (in an ascending order) Shame and Humiliation at 20. Guilt and Evil at 30. Apathy and Hoplessness at 50. Grief and Despondency at 75. Fear and Anxiety at 100. Disappointment and Denial at 125. Anger, Antagonism and Hatred at 150. Pride and Demanding Behavior at 175. Finally, at 200, a soul reaches the level of  Courage, Affirmation and Permission.

Much of the pain and suffering happening on planet earth is created by more primitive, angry, aggressive souls  beneath the 175 number.

From the 200 number upward, humans ascend to Neutrality, Trust and Satisfaction at 250. Hopefulness and Optimism at 310 , Forgiveness and Acceptance at 350. Reason and Understanding at 400. Love and Reverence at 500. Joy and Serenity at 540. Peace and Bliss and Illumination at 600.  And eventually Enlightenment at 700 and above.  You can find out more about the work of psychiatrist Dr. David Hawkins, M.D. in his many books, but especially his book,  Power Vs. Force,   in the site’s Related Reading section.

As an interesting aside, the Hawkins Scale number for the average person visiting The Loving Universe website is 614, which is a very high spiritual number.  You visitors are in the top 16% of spiritually attuned individuals in the world. That is to say you are in the 84th percentile or above.  You are most probably a spiritually developed soul and you could be a spiritual writer, or teacher, if you so desired.

Individuals who become an annual member of  The Loving Universe  will receive an exact calibration of their own personal Hawkins Scale number, along with a quantum biofeedback session that clears them of lower emotions, fears, sad memories, and past trauma. This is part of what The Shift is about … releasing the past and letting it go. This is so that you can move on to higher levels … and not be burdened by the Past. A few details on the benefits of a yearly membership with The Loving Universe will appear on the site next week, under Connecting with the Universe.

As you encounter all the confusion and the frustrations of those suffering due to the Shutdown … send a prayer of gratitude that the Ascension is in process … and that future generations will not have to be saddened by humans who are not capable of working in peacefulness and harmony with each other. Better times are on the way … much, much better times.  It is acceptable to be optimistic during these sad times of dissent.

Our future is about Rising Above.

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