Connect with The Universe

Many Avenues to Raise Your Frequency

We invite you to check out  some of the following authors and their works.
These are individuals who have been helping to advance the spiritual progress
here on earth in the past couple of decades.
You will recognize many of their names.

Newer Works

In this period of the Shift and the Ascension many souls
have written some excellent books
that can help with your own spiritual progress.
The emphasis today is on today’s current state of spiritual consciousness.

Rising Above The Past

Today, because we have left the old Cosmic Cycle, and entered a new Cosmic Cycle,
we need not be so concerned with scripture, and what happened in the past.
We are here to shift out of the Past, and into the
current rising state of consciousness.
We are concerned with today, where souls are today and
how they can progress in our current world.
This new beginning frees us from the past, and the mistakes of the past.
We no longer  have to pray for the mercy of God, or that God will save us.
Our salvation is assured.
But we will realize it when we do the work…
to let go of the past, our old hurts, our old judgments, our old stories.
This often takes time, attention and discipline.
But then we are FREE to live the new chapter of the New Cosmic Cycle.
On that level we are One with God … and we invite Father-Mother God into every
corner of our lives so that their Light shines through us into every corner…
and any old darkness is dispelled.
And that, once again, is another interpretation of The Shift and The Ascension.