24/7 Spiritual Atunement


The quest for the spiritual is one of the most important values of our time. What does it mean to want Spirit in your life, or to be spiritual? It’s really the desire to connect with God, or God-energy, or Source, or Spirit-energy.

The Loving Universe 24-7 program is a way to stay connected with Spirit constantly — day and night — even if you don’t have the time to pray or meditate. With our system, you are constantly connected to Spirit… in a deep, intentional way. It’s like being connected to a high-speed internet access – spiritually — all the time!

Many of us live in a world that is fast, noisy, with some negativity and some low-frequency people. The 24-7 program keeps you grounded to your spiritual reality all the time.

All the words that you see woven into The Loving Universe site are key words for the spiritual dimensions of your life. They include: Ascension, The Shift, Higher Frequency, Well-being, Life Purpose, Giving, Gratitude, Service.

The thirst for the Spiritual in your life represents your desire for a richer, fuller life. It represents the desire for fulfillment, enjoyment, wholeness, connection with Source.  It also represents your desire for being part of another dimension that is beautiful, full of freedom, beauty, light and peace.

Connection to The Loving Universe’s 24-7 energy is a living, breathing connection. It helps to transform your awareness and keep you spiritually connected, all day and night. It helps protect you and keep you safe — away from the fog of life’s lower energies. It helps to speed up your vibration, and move you up to a life with fewer problems and greater Peace of Mind.

Many studies have proven the extraordinary power of prayer. The intentional power of Prayer is an important part of this flow. The Loving Universe is not affiliated with or connected to any religious organization. We are a strictly spiritual organization, with spiritual values and spiritual accomplishments. It is our mission to help form a connection – a bridge — between everyday life and the spiritual dimension.

It is our intention to help you by creating a way for you to stay connected with Spirit, at the same time that you are co-creating with Source. This is a highly charged opportunity. We help to set the right tone for you and to keep that tone running in the background so you can stay tuned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now that’s a real Ascension service!



QUANTUM is based on quantum physics, which is the physics of possibilities. Heisenberg, the leader of this field and core designer of quantum physics, said that atoms are not things, but rather that they are tendencies. So instead of concrete things, we should begin to think about the realm of possibilities.

When we’re talking about possibilities, we’re talking about directed focus. In Quantum … whatever you focus on … expands. This is EXTREMELY important in the New Cosmic Cycle. Observed particles follow suit and begin to build on your thought patterns.

Creativity, wishes, desires, plans, goals all can be formulated in an overall context of quantum theory. This formulated picture of the brain-mind enables us to understand our whole self entirely in harmony with what some of the great spiritual traditions have maintained for millennia. Man can create his environment and his world, through focused attention and will power.



QUANTUM THOUGHT extends into the Creation Of Your Own Reality theory which says that you DO create your own reality… according to your beliefs and expectations. In Quantum thought, you are encouraged to be very clear about your beliefs and expectations. And if you do not like what is happening in your life… or if you want to improve it… then you examine your beliefs and change them in order to change your life.

Quantum thought helps you realize that your physical experience and environment is the materialization of your beliefs. So if your life is healthy and abundant, with great energy and joy, this is not an accident. It says that you have created this world around you, whether you realize it or not, because it is a product of your thought pattern. Be grateful that your thoughts have been so beneficial.

When you go through life, meeting pleasant people who are courteous and mannerly, who do helpful things for you… Quantum says this is because the world out there is just a reflection – a mirror reflection – of who you are and the thoughts you are thinking. You are simply reflecting back to you who you are.

Conversely, Quantum says that if you find yourself in a world of difficult people, and find yourself short of cash, high on stress, bumping into difficult, discourteous and unpleasant people – then once again, this outer environment you are experiencing is just an outer manifestation of your inner consciousness. Change your thoughts, change your world.

Quantum encourages you to examine what you believe, and then change any unloving thoughts into loving thoughts, so that your world will improve. This may be easy to say, but negative people who are not ready to be loving to themselves will fight the efficacy of the words above and keep themselves stuck at lower levels. Those who are becoming more loving to themselves will examine their thoughts and change them to more loving thoughts. Then their world will reflect this improvement and be a more pleasant place for them to live.


A Quantum Approach is about making strong, repeated requests, desires or demands on the Universe. Successful people do this all the time. They make their desires and demands known, and they are not shy about it. They are often loud and bold and unashamed about what they want. And that’s why they often drive around in expensive cars, living in large big, beautiful homes, with abundant security and financial cushioning. They know how to make their demands of the Universe, and they do it, without guilt. The Universe will deliver if you know how to ask, and if you know how to focus.

Once you decide what you want, and you are relentlessly bold about it, focusing on it, concentrating on it, it eventually arrives.

But most of us don’t have the drive, focus nor concentration to stay fixated on our creations 24-7. Many of us are distracted because of the complexity and confusion in the world.  Once you decide what you really want, prayers of focus and concentration for your desires spin out constantly, each second of the day and night. Opportunities begin to appear that are definite stepping-stones to your dreams and desires.

Whether you want health, wealth, security, protection, excellence, opportunity… it doesn’t matter. The program gives you the consistent focus you need to achieve your goals, your wishes, your desires, short-term and long-term.