Details of the Dimensional Levels Are Delineated


The Good News Movement for mankind is beginning. Due to the end of the old Cosmic Cycle that ended December 21, 2012, and the new Cosmic Cycle that began immediately afterwards, we humans are beginning to pull ourselves free of the limiting thoughts and ideas of the past. We are living, more than ever, in the NOW moment.

This is a huge step for mankind.  For the first time in recent Millenniums, mankind can now focus on development, rather than the unpleasant aspects of the past that included separation, judgment, fear, war and hatred of souls different from oneself, by human standards.


Here are a few of the amazing and positive aspects which we can to look forward to achieving and realizing in the future.


On the First Level you will see Physical Changes in the body. The right and left hemispheres of the brain will begin to operate in unison for clearer, more balanced thinking. The pituitary and the pineal glands will grow in size enabling new spiritual growth.  The DNA structure of our cells have been developing during 2013. This downloading of new information is taking energy for humans to integrate this new, positive influx.


On the Second Level we will begin to rise above the old body pains of headaches, muscle and joint pain and flu epidemics. This is because we will be vibrating at higher and higher levels and we will be impervious to lower-level organisms.  We will be existing in more “Light.”  The consistent development of our new DNA structure over the past six months will bring us more integration of our etheric body, as well as our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.


On the Third Level our physical senses will not only become stronger — they will begin to work in new ways, giving us information and pleasant new experiences.  Also, we will begin to use Light as a conduit for new information and spiritual connection.


On the Fourth Level our brains will be attuning to new energies. Hearing and vision are being aligned to function at higher levels. We will have close alignment with higher level Spirit, and will experience higher levels of intuition and empathy. We will begin to connect easier with our feelings, our emotions, and know how to use them.


On the Fifth Level, our mental body will align to and tune in more with Spirit. Our dreams will change and we will become more lucid, especially in our dreaming. We will be de-programming the old person we were, and we will be creating the “new person” that is in closer alignment to who we really are.


Two things need to be made clear. First, The Shift does not refer to a shift of the poles of Planet Earth. It refers to a shift in humans from a mental, outward way of viewing the world … to a shift inward where the emphasis is on consciousness development. It is about humans beginning to grasp what deeply talented, multi-dimensional beings we are. From there, the step is to develop our multi-dimensional aspects.

Second, The Ascension does not refer to “The Rapture,” the Christian belief that humans will ascend to heaven in a group.  Rather, it refers to the Ascension of Consciousness. It is about humans raising our frequencies so that we can expand our abilities, and begin the move to more advanced levels of consciousness and higher dimensions.


Our mental processes begin to develop rapidly. We begin to reevaluate what is real and right for us. We re-examine our relationships, jobs, home, environment, living styles. We are now getting ready to let go and move on.  We are now up to a light quotient of 33%.  Things are in flux. We open to having new friends. We feel lighter, faster, freer.  We feel and know we are opening up our inner senses, our intuition. It all feels normal and natural to us.


As our heart chakra opens more and more, we become more real to our emotions. We release old blocks and patterns.  We are in a time of great emotional clearing as we rid ourselves of old emotional baggage. We begin to be more in tune with each moment. We are very present, and flowing with life.

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