Expert NYC Channel Predicts a Fast-Track to Ascension in 2014. Dark forces cleared.

A dramatic and revolutionary shift for Planet Earth ascension is expected in 2014, according to Kathryn May, New York City psychologist and spiritual channel.

There are three major new aspects that will change the world in a powerful way in the coming year. According to May. the first of these three aspects was the exportation of the Reptilians dark forces that occurred on August 22, 2013.  These dark forces had been creating abuses of power on Planet Earth  — from war, to violence, to the engineering of poverty — for  millenniums.

These dark souls were removed from Planet Earth by the Prime Source (God) on August 22, 2013 due to their slowing down of the Ascension Process. They were given the ultimatum:  Return to Heaven and stop your earthly mischief against mankind, or your souls will be dissolved. They were offered the amnesty to be accepted into Heaven with no punishment nor judgment. All would be forgiven.

Of the approximate million Reptilians commanded to leave, approximately 551,000 chose to return to Heaven.  The other 449,000 decided against the return decree and their souls were dissolved within hours after their decision.

This extraordinary new action has now freed up the Light Forces on earth to make much greater strides in the Ascension Process.  There are two other major aspects of the 2014 shift which will be delineated in greater detail on a later blog to appear on this site.

Many have been overwhelmed by the powerful implications of this event. This is an event of great import for all humans … to be rid of dark forces that have been a hindrance to our planet for eons of time.  Those who would like to read the original release on this event may go to: www.

Meanwhile, here is the actual release on the above event:

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