Nothing But The Best For You

Regardless of the inconveniences of life on Planet Earth, the disappointments, the sickness and suffering... this is NOT the way life is supposed to play out. According to a recent, brilliant book by Marie Levit called Healing God  -- Wake Up And Heal Yourself, Prime Creator only wants THE BEST for each of us. Life was not meant to be a trial. Life was NOT meant to be an UNPLEASANT learning experience for any of us.  Our lives were planned by Prime Creator to be open, free, joyous and enjoyable. Prime Read more [...]

Expert NYC Channel Predicts a Fast-Track to Ascension in 2014. Dark forces cleared.

A dramatic and revolutionary shift for Planet Earth ascension is expected in 2014, according to Kathryn May, New York City psychologist and spiritual channel. There are three major new aspects that will change the world in a powerful way in the coming year. According to May. the first of these three aspects was the exportation of the Reptilians dark forces that occurred on August 22, 2013.  These dark forces had been creating abuses of power on Planet Earth  -- from war, to violence, to the Read more [...]

The Ascension … The Washington Shutdown & Government Impasse

Most souls living on earth are simply not aware of the Ascension process, the Shift, or the New Cosmic Cycle. These new processes are primarily of interest to more enlightened souls … who look at life from a more spiritual point of view. It takes a more advanced soul to care about, and maintain an overview of what is happening on a more cosmic level. Most of the visitors to our website run a very high consciousness number – more about that soon. The changes relating to the New Cosmic Cycle Read more [...]

Our Life On Earth Is Refining Itself

Regardless of the appearance of the dissent on our planet at this time, planet earth is in the process of REFINING itself. Let us define this from several points of view. First, planet earth is not the only planet in the Ascension process.  The Universe as a WHOLE ... is in the process of lifting its frequency.  Planet earth is one of ten planets that is leading in the Ascension Process.  Planet earth is one of the leaders in this respect because of its LIBRARIES, and its COMMUNICATION abilities. Read more [...]

Details of the Dimensional Levels Are Delineated

THE GOOD NEWS The Good News Movement for mankind is beginning. Due to the end of the old Cosmic Cycle that ended December 21, 2012, and the new Cosmic Cycle that began immediately afterwards, we humans are beginning to pull ourselves free of the limiting thoughts and ideas of the past. We are living, more than ever, in the NOW moment. This is a huge step for mankind.  For the first time in recent Millenniums, mankind can now focus on development, rather than the unpleasant aspects of the past Read more [...]