Gratitude and Appreciation


You could say thank you to The Loving Universe

for all the blessings in your life that you have received through the years…

The Loving Universe wishes to share with you:

We would appreciate your help, Dear Caring Souls.

We would like the New Message of The Loving Universe to be seen around the world…

By every human soul.

Many places around the world do not have computers, nor access to the Internet.

They can only be reached by print.

Other places can be reached only by verbal communication.

Please help.

As You Raise Up in Consciousness through the Ascension…

You will FINALLY bring bring Peace to the World.

And all of the last delusions that are playing themselves out in today’s world …

Will eventually fade away.

And then Peace will reign.

Thank you for helping to spread this powerful, loving message

about the New Cosmic Cycle and My Loving Universe

To your Brothers and Sisters everywhere on earth.

We need your help to reach them all.

Thank you.

… And as you share … so are you blessed.”

The Loving Universe