Healing Frequencies


I realize that life on Planet Earth is very challenging for many of you.

It is not the will of The Loving Universe that you are experiencing these difficulties.

While Mankind has created many refined, higher aspects of life on Planet Earth, Mankind has also created some very difficult elements and frustrations that can affect your life on Planet Earth.

It is the will of the Loving Universe that you be released from the suffering that many of you are currently experiencing. The Universe will show you in the near future … how NOT to create additional suffering in the future.

The Universe will also share with you the Laws of the Universe, which are often hidden from view, so that you will be able you to create a life that is more enjoyable, richer and more satisfying.

The Universe has asked us to provide some healing frequencies for your use on this website. We encourage you to use them.

The degree to which they will benefit you … will depend on your ability to receive. At very least, these frequencies often generate a deep and relaxing peace.

Hopefully, this will add to your sense of well-being.