These frequencies are a gift from The Loving Universe. They are meant to help raise your frequency level during the Ascension process. To benefit from them, use your earphones or earbuds, as they are binaural frequencies.
Set your volume at a comfortable level. You may want to gaze at the video graphic on the screen in a light, easy manner. Please remember that these are spiritual frequencies only. If you need medical help, please seek the assistance of a physician.

My Dear Friend…

When I created Planet Earth it was to be a playground for human beings.

It was to be a place where you could try things out … learn… create … and start over if you so willed.

However, the games, the scripts, the reality you have created on Planet Earth…

Has become SO VERY SERIOUS … SO HEAVY … that it leaves you little room in your life

To PLAY… To LAUGH… To have FUN. And so, what happens? DEPRESSION often sets in.

When your game has not played out the way you desired…

When you become inner-frustrated… inner-disappointed… inner-sad…inner-blocked… Inner-locked up…

Then all of these INNERs can add up to a serious case of Depression.

Your attitude toward “The Game of Life” may have gotten serious and your very disappointment…

Might have become the “new creation” that you did not really want, nor intend to create.

But my Divine Child, Never – Never – Never forget that I have given you

The Power to create most ANYTHING in your life.

If you created the mood of Depression, you can UN-CREATE that mood, and create a NEW MOOD.

The mind-set that you created can be UN-DONE… through your Will and Focus.

You can create an actual shift, a new way of viewing your world that will allow you

To BREAK OUT of the old way… and move INTO the new.

You could START by using this divine loving frequency that I AM sending you.

The Loving Universe