These frequencies are a gift from The Loving Universe. They are meant to help raise your frequency level during the Ascension process. To benefit from them, use your earphones or earbuds, as they are binaural frequencies.

Set your volume at a comfortable level. You may want to gaze at the video graphic on the screen in a light, easy manner. Please remember that these are spiritual frequencies only. If you need medical help, please seek the assistance of a physician.

My Dear Friend…

You were created perfect in every way… along with the ability to self-heal.

As The Loving Universe I have given you the ability to heal yourself

In every way — Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.

Unfortunately, humans have also created ways to have pain on each of those levels.

Now, of course, you do not want to experience pain on ANY level.

But pain on each of those FOUR levels can be difficult and excruciating.

Few people create Pain from their conscious mind.

Pain is almost always created from your unconscious, or your subconscious, mind.

So that is where you must go to CLEAR the pain.

Pain often forms a “syndrome” pattern that happens again and again out of HABIT.

Your goal is to BREAK that HABIT.

You could start with this FREQUENCY I am giving you. And you could COMBINE

Its use with the OTHER frequencies.

There is not a single frequency I am sending you that will not help you to break out of

Your pain pattern. You deserve to feel WONDERFUL at all times.

Pain is an unpleasant, sometimes accidental creation and it can be UN-CREATED in a flash.

I am giving you PERMISSION to feel WONDERFUL at all times.

I want you to RISE ABOVE any pain so that you can enjoy your life COMPLETELY!

That is a Divine Order. Do it NOW. No excuses!

The Loving Universe