These frequencies are a gift from The Loving Universe. They are meant to help raise your frequency level during the Ascension process. To benefit from them, use your earphones or earbuds, as they are binaural frequencies.
Set your volume at a comfortable level. You may want to gaze at the video graphic on the screen in a light, easy manner. Please remember that these are spiritual frequencies only. If you need medical help, please seek the assistance of a physician.

My Dear Friend,

Because you are a Divine Child of the Universe

You need relief from all the stresses and demands

That Planet Earth loads onto the majority of you each and every day.

Were you not to have the escape of Deep Sleep each and every day …

You would perhaps go insane because earth life is heavy.

You should think of yourselves as Divine Blossoms.

I created you as Spiritual Beings … and so it is true that you are

Spiritual Beings leading lives as Physical Beings on Planet Earth.

This is not easy for you. Yes, you created it. But that does not ease the fact

That life on Planet Earth is difficult for sensitive beings such as yourself.

Deep Sleep helps you to restore your spirituality… and this gives you the Strength

To continue to move through your earth life… with persistence and with valor.

I congratulate you all on your courage to live as human beings.

It is not easy. And it is not your real home. I am waiting for you

In the Paradise Dimension where your life will be

Infinitely Easier… (And much more fun!)

Use this Deep Sleep Frequency in the meantime.

The Loving Universe