These frequencies are a gift from The Loving Universe. They are meant to help raise your frequency level during the Ascension process. To benefit from them, use your earphones or earbuds, as they are binaural frequencies.

Set your volume at a comfortable level. You may want to gaze at the video graphic on the screen in a light, easy manner. Please remember that these are spiritual frequencies only. If you need medical help, please seek the assistance of a physician.

My Dear Friend,

I cannot, I will not, take responsibility for having created the concept of Stress.

Stress is a man-made invention.

Stress comes from over-scheduling, over-loading, over-doing, over creating.

It comes from multi-doing… multi-tasking … and it ties in with GREED.

Stress is a mis-creation … and it is still growing on planet earth.

How MANY THINGS can you EXPECT yourself to do AT ONE TIME?

Why would you live a life that is so OVER-LOADED?

I created you to be Graceful Human Beings.

I created you to Own Your Own Time.

I profoundly dislike seeing so many of my beautiful souls “stressed-out” as you call it.

Please start using your free will to de-solve the Over-Multi-Demanding world of stress.

This frequency … along with your Independent Free Will… can help you to

De-Stress your world … your life … so that you have the spare moments …

To wile away the time more Gracefully … with Me!

P.S. Don’t forget about the Relaxation Frequency too.

The Loving Universe