Our Life On Earth Is Refining Itself

Regardless of the appearance of the dissent on our planet at this time, planet earth is in the process of REFINING itself. Let us define this from several points of view.

First, planet earth is not the only planet in the Ascension process.  The Universe as a WHOLE … is in the process of lifting its frequency.  Planet earth is one of ten planets that is leading in the Ascension Process.  Planet earth is one of the leaders in this respect because of its LIBRARIES, and its COMMUNICATION abilities.  We are being watched and monitored very carefully, and we are being given a great deal of outside help in this regard.

As you have already learned, all human beings are being given the privilege of raising their DNA … back to where it was at the time of creation. This is helping us to become stronger and more enlightened beings. There will be more detail about this at a later time.

Not all human beings are aware of what is happening with regard to the Ascension. Humans who are of lower frequency may not feel, nor notice, anything happening. By this, we mean humans who are below 230 on the Hawkins scale.  However, this does not prevent them from raising their frequency. This is a time when humans can make great advances in uplifting themselves. In former centuries, humans might have worked an entire lifetime to raise themselves 5 or 10 points.  Now, it is possible for enlightened humans to accomplish that in a year or less.  Many individuals have recently accomplished a jump of 100 points in the period of a year. This is extraordinary progress, and it can be accomplished now due to the acceleration period we are in.  There will be much help for individuals who are interested in Ascension.

As some people die, or pass away from this lifetime, it will be helpful to the overall Ascension process.  Many of the wealthiest people on earth who hold the greatest concentration of wealth (referred to in the U.S. press as the top 1%, or the .01%) are creating extremes and imbalances of wealth on planet earth. This is holding back progress in the New Cosmic Cycle. Extreme levels selfishness and greed at this time … funneling extreme amounts of wealth and holding onto it … while others are finding it difficult to survive … is slowing down the progress of the Ascension process on earth. Extremely rich souls who are not sharing their wealth … will, after their natural passing, have to begin to refine themselves, learn the lessons about sharing, and eventually learn to make their  decisions … based on love… and sharing.  After their natural death and passing, these souls will move on to another planet   They will be placed together with like-minded souls who will be a mirror to themselves of what they need to improve within themselves.

There are some exceptions to this. There are a few rich and powerful individuals who, as leaders, show great compassion, not only for their family, but for their subjects, their constituents, their employees, their associates, their customers, and the serving of all other souls on earth. Some of these extremely wealthy and loving souls do exist. They have raised themselves high economically because of their great talents which they use for the betterment of all souls on earth. These exceptional souls will not be separated out, but will remain on earth to lead in a high capacity.  But there will be no “posing” in the eyes of the Prime Creator. Each soul will be seen honestly and accurately for their life decisions, and their behavior, on a soul level.

Extremes of wealth will not be conducive to progress in the Ascension process.  The new, Ascension life level on earth will be based on everyone living a life of plenty and well-being.  The former plan of good and evil, active during the Old Cosmic Cycle, was based on the belief in dualism, good and evil. Now, in the New Cosmic Cycle, values are based on Love and Goodness only. The ideal is for everyone to be able to live together and progress together. In the New Cosmic Cycle, individuals holding the OLD model of personal selfishness and evil will drop off from the general populace on earth, and will be moved to another planet, as they are slowing down progress for the great majority.

Another group to be separated out of earth at the end of their current lifetime will be the extremists of guns and violence. Earth’s vibration will rise as each of these souls dies off and departs this planet.  These souls will be removed to another planet … where they will live in close proximity with other souls who have violence as a common theme of their consciousness. Their point of view is often more entrenched in self defense, rather than caring about the rights of children or other gentle, loving souls. Because of their lack of trust in others, they will be paired with other like-minded souls who believe that violence is the answer to their life process. The earth’s vibration will rise each time one of these souls dies and leaves planet earth.

Other souls that will receive remedial training after their death will include victimizers of other souls … who will be paired with other victimizers, nasty people who will be paired with other nasty people; hateful and prejudiced people will be paired with the same; angry and aggressive people will be paired with the same; and onwards.  They will each be mirrors to each other, showing their limitations to each other.  All souls, at their core, are composed of loving vibrations because we are all made in the image of the Prime Creator. The surface blocks that limit these souls, are often many, many layers deep. These are blocks in their consciousness that need to be resolved.

Life for the remaining low vibration souls on earth will become more and more estranged … as the majority of souls will keep reaching higher and higher vibrations.  The old life force of selfishness will be in a state of decline. The plan of the Ascension is for humans to reach the new normality of “Heaven on Earth.”  Eventually, there will be no disturbing souls remaining on earth to create unpleasant incidents, disappointing news, or violent surprises. All terrorists will be removed to their own space upon their death, freeing us of their violent feelings and thought processes. The souls that remain on earth after the Ascensions evolution will be peaceful, caring souls, of discernment, wisdom, consideration, and contributing, loving energies.

It may take a while for the old, entrenched, selfish and errant souls to die off. Some of them will have a change of heart and will choose genuine Love. As this occurs, the great majority of the current human “Have-nots” will become the new “Haves,” and there will be great gratitude, appreciation and rejoicing on the planet. Everyone will enjoy prosperity and well being. Planet earth will be able to serve everyone, generously. This will fit in beautifully with the will of the Divine Creative Source, who has wanted this for ALL of us from the start.

Due to the death of the Old Cosmic Cycle on December 21, 2012, and the birth of the New Cosmic Cycle on that same date, it is not necessary to adhere to much of the old history and stories from the past. This event and date marked the end of the old times of struggle and fear and death.  It is safe to say that before the Old Cosmic Cycle of dualism, all of  Source’s Creations, all of God’s Divinely Created Souls … lived on a Paradise level. However, this was interrupted for a long, long period while we humans0 lived out our Old Cosmic Cycle of dualism, belief in good and evil. This all played out like a bad dream. It was painful because most souls had  soul memory of happiness, joy, well-being, and peace in their soul memory. They had prior experience of “Heaven” which made their earth experience more painful. However, once again in our New Cosmic Cycle, we have again reached the point where there is only Love and well-being for All.

Due to the New Cosmic Cycle … the bad dream is now over.  Remnants may remain … but they are eroding and and dissolving. Now, the beautiful power of Source Energy is flowing generously, in a loving way … the way it was meant to be all along.  As we progress in the new Ascension process, the old process of Aging and Dying will no longer be necessary.  Souls who now become proficient at raising their vibration will find themselves becoming younger, year by year. The new ideal will be to appear similar to the way they looked in their late 20s and early 30s when they were at the peak of their physical looks and well-being. As we progress in the Ascension, the need to die and pass on will no longer be necessary, as there will no longer be a need to erase the pain and emotional baggage of each lifetime.  Humans will begin to live on a level of emotional and mental well-being MOST of the time.

New babies, souls being born onto planet earth at this time, are souls of the fourth or fifth dimension level only. They are high dimension souls, similar to the “Indigo and Crystal Children” who have been born onto earth in recent decades to help raise our vibratory level. Currently, no lower vibration souls are birthing here on planet earth. These new souls have already reached a high consciousness level.

Older souls still on earth … with a tendency toward violence, or selfishness, or greed, or hatred … will now begin to do their remedial work off the planet. They will not have the opportunity to re-birth here on earth … until they have corrected their lower-minded, low-vibration tendencies. This is part of what will keep our planet a Heaven on Earth. Any who seek to prolong the energy of the Old Cosmic Cycle … who who seek to move against this beautiful new order… will only find pain in their actions. 

All will be welcome back to earth …  as soon as they deeply and thoroughly … finally come to understand the need to share, to have compassion for others, to help their brothers and sisters, and to share the joy as well. This will occur only when they have learned their lessons so completely, when they have removed every last drop of hatred in their souls. The work that they will do … in teaching others like themselves … to make all decisions based on Love … will wind up being a priceless experience for each of them. Many of them will not return to earth until they have helped the most forlorn and lost of their group … to adjust their thinking and choose Love in every instance.

Souls who want to avoid unpleasant circumstances after their death can make outstanding progress, right now, while still on earth.  Removing their old blocks now, unbinding and freeing themselves from their selfish or blind limitations … can be very loving to themselves. It these souls choose to learn their lessons now, while still on earth … they save themselves enormous pain by choosing to love and show, now, while still on earth.

We are all in for a wonderful future … better than most of us can even imagine.  But it will not be entirely new to us… as we came from a Paradise where we knew this … and enjoyed it once before.  

Those who are cynical, and make the judgment that this is all too good to be true … will only lower their own vibration … and will move themselves into the company of other cynical souls. Now, at this time, the world is having a last hurrah with its Middle Eastern unrest, with its bickering lawmakers, with its monetary imbalances. Storm always precedes the calm.

Because the new model is now presented for you to see … it can now be carried forward… by loving souls like yourself … in your heart and imagination. Now, the Divine Plan of Loving Kindness to All … can now come to fruition.  We are now ready for this new movement. Some called it The Age of Aquarius half a century earlier. The Ascension is now here … ready to bring us all into the Fifth Dimension, which is the opening of the Heart.  We are ready, as humans, to join together the Heart and Mind experience … for our great human entry into the Fifth Dimension. 

We are now, in this new Cosmic Cycle, finally returning to the “Heaven” that The Loving Universe intended for us All, from the very beginning. Let us all breathe with gratefulness and appreciation in our joyful realization of ALL that is finally COMING TO BE. Peace be to all!

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