Nothing But The Best For You

Regardless of the inconveniences of life on Planet Earth, the disappointments, the sickness and suffering… this is NOT the way life is supposed to play out.

According to a recent, brilliant book by Marie Levit called Healing God  — Wake Up And Heal Yourself, Prime Creator only wants THE BEST for each of us.

Life was not meant to be a trial. Life was NOT meant to be an UNPLEASANT learning experience for any of us.  Our lives were planned by Prime Creator to be open, free, joyous and enjoyable.

Prime Creator (also known as God – but this site is spiritual, not religious) so we refer to God as Prime Creator. Prime Creator is distressed to see generation after generation of humans living in a world of suffering, sadness, illness, violence and hatred.

We humans are born into this less-than-perfect world.  And since the patterning is set, humans just keep repeating the same old mistakes, lifetime after lifetime.

But now the time has come for change.  That is what The Ascension and The Shift is all about.

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