Are you feeling STRESS? Do you have a lot of WORRIES? Is there something in your life that is causing you undue PAIN?

There has been a lot of stress, and pain, and suffering lately both emotionally and financially in these recent years.

Even if you are feeling perhaps just everyday stress or worries, it is important for our spiritual and emotional Self to find balance, and be cleared of these turbulent problems of Life.

To help with this, The Loving Universe would like to invite you to fill in your name, email, and a message to The Loving Universe about what troubles you. Do not worry, all your email communication with us is kept 100% confidential, and alternatively you may simply print out your message as a SELF AFFIRMATION.

One empowering way to clear the mind of trouble and stress, is to print out the message containing all your worries, and then crumble up this sheet of paper and THROW IT AWAY! Self affirmation is a powerful process and you will feel lighter, and refreshed.

In the form below you may write your personal note to The Loving Universe.

At the bottom you may choose to have your message sent to The Loving Universe via quantum physics subspace.

And … or … you may also choose to press the PRINT button to have a copy of your message printed out so that it will help you to focus on your intention.



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