The Shift

The Shift — What Is It All About?

All human beings are part of a process happening on planet earth called The Shift.
Briefly… mankind has been on the planet for many eons of time.
We are being asked to raise our consciousness level, to raise our frequency,
in order to rise above the past limitations on our planet.

The Fourth Dimension & The Opening of the Heart

As part of this Shift, we will be moving spiritually to a new dimension.
We have been in the Third Dimension for many eons.
We are now coming into The Fourth Dimension.
The Fourth Dimension is about The Opening of the Heart.
This means that the Heart and the Mind become joined…
and everything from that point onward becomes based on Love.
Love is the spirit of joining, sharing, manifesting, flowing.
This step requires humans to raise their consciousness level,
and to raise their vibratory level.

But Is This The Right Time for This Raising of Consciousness?

Many of you are probably aware of some of the current situations on earth.
There has been more war, more bloodshed, more poverty, more disappointment
on the part of mankind.  There may be some truth that
Mankind is acting and reacting against the flow of the new Ascension energy.
But elements of the Ascension energy process began to play out in the 1980s.
We are already well into the Ascension process.
There is no way to stop it.  It is an integral process happening within,
and it is happening on a spiritual level.
The world needs this process more than ever at this time.
There is nothing that can be done to stop the process.
Those who do not cooperate with it now, will have to address it later,
after The Shift. But that will be more difficult than moving with the flow now.

What Are Some of the Elements of The Shift?

First there is a speed-up in effect.

You may have noticed how time flies by. This is to help humans wake up,
to boost their awareness, and to begin to raise their frequencies.

Be aware that your consciousness is receiving updates.

Similar to the way that your computer receives updates, so are humans receiving updates.
This is interfering with the energy levels of many human beings.
In the past, humans lost some of the DNA structure that they had received at the time of
Creation. They went from 12-strand DNA to 2-strand DNA over several thousand years.
Now humans are being updated to the original structure.
This has been occurring since early 2013.  The updating takes integration. This is tiring.
Many humans have been fatigued on and off for the past several months for this reason.
The advantage of the updates is that it are strengthening human Knowing and Intuition.

Sickness Has Been Occurring At Higher Levels

Concurrent with the raising of consciousness, old issues that were buried deep in the emotions,
deep in the human tissues, have been coming up for release.
This has been happening at a higher rate since The Shift began late in 2012.
This has resulted in more illness such as flu, colds, infections and general fatigue.

Many Individuals Are Experiencing Confusion, Dizziness and Brain Fog

Because of the rise in consciousness, life does not seem normal for many people.
Change is often disruptive to one’s old habits.  There are new ways of thinking,
new ways of acting.  And if a person is not aware that changes are taking place,
it is even more disorienting.  Humans who are overwhelmed by these changes due to The Shift
are often falling ill. The elderly are succumbing to dementia and Alzheimer’s at record levels.
Many individuals are “checking out” because the changes are too much for them.

Yet others are experiencing a spiritual renaissance

Many individuals are flowing with the new energy.
They are raising their consciousness levels and they find the new energies exhilarating.
They are alive to all the new works being published, they are reading, meditating,
exercising, interacting with their new-found cache of higher energies.

Several Energy Portals have been opening up

The Lion’s Gate Portal brought in some new energies for two weeks in July and August of 2013.
The Mercaba Portal brought in new energies, during the same period, but for four weeks.
Many young people are aware of these portals.
They are aware of the astrological highlights that are bringing them about.
They celebrate them in the way that their relatives may have celebrated
the World Series.